RecyclePak Lamp, Ballast, Battery, Mercury Waste and E-Waste Recycling
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After logging in to your account, you are ready to select your items and order RecyclePak® containers. There are various products available for recycling fluorescent lamps, ballast, batteries, mercury devices, dental waste and electronic waste.

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All containers ordered through this site will be signed up for automatic reorder. Automatic reorder allows you to have RecyclePak® containers available at all times. For each container you send in for recycling, a like container will be automatically shipped to you automatic You will receive notification of this transaction. Automatic reorder can be cancelled at any time by calling customer service, toll-free at 1-888-669-9725.

When you've selected the items you need and are ready to checkout, you can determine where you want your containers shipped.

Recycle Lamps, Ballast, Batteries, Mercury Waste and Electronics


When you receive your RecyclePak® container(s), simply follow our step-by-step illustrated instructions to properly assemble your container(s). Each container is preprinted in English and Spanish. If you are missing instruction sheets, please visit our Support page for additional guidance. Carefully, fill your container(s) with the appropriate waste items to be recycled in accordance with the instructions. Keep the container(s) closed in between fillings.

Packaging Instructions | Support


With RecyclePak® container(s) full and waste materials packed following our instructions, seal the provided liner in accordance with our instructions. Make sure liner is sealed and completely within container prior to sealing. Follow the instructions to properly seal the container. Pail lids should be screwed and locked on and boxes should be taped to secure all edges and corners. All RecyclePak® containers MUST BE PROPERLY SEALED AND STRUCTURALLY SOUND. THE CONTAINER MUST LACK EVIDENCE OF LEAKAGE OR DAMAGE THAT COULD CAUSE LEAKAGE.

Packaging Instructions | Support


Call FedEx Ground toll-free at (888) 777-6040 to schedule your pre-paid pickup of your container. Alternatively, you can use our convenient online form to Request a Pickup of your container. Your container will be delivered for recycling to one of our permitted facilities located within the United States.

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Generate Certificates of Acceptance for Recycling

Upon receipt of your container at Veolia, it is scanned and recorded. A certificate of acceptance for recycling is generated and mailed to you. Certificates can be requested online by using our convenient Certificates On-Demand feature or a repository of certificates can be accessed though our Customer Information Management System (CIMS). Our recycling certificates document environmentally-compliant recycling and detail specific waste types and quantities received inside containers.

Certificates On-Demand | Customer Information Management System (CIMS)


Our CIMS program gives you the FREE online reporting features you are looking for. With CIMS you can download reports that detail returned containers and waste within, as well as purchased containers, outstanding containers not yet received by Veolia and access to all of your certificates of acceptance for recycling in one single place.

Customer Information Management System (CIMS)



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