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Universal Waste Regulations

Universal Waste Introduction

What is Universal Waste?

A universal waste is a hazardous waste that is widely generated by individuals, businesses, and hospitals…by almost anyone. Universal wastes are certain batteries, cathode ray tubes, certain lamps, fluorescent bulbs, mercury devices, mercury thermostats, motor vehicle mercury switches and polychlorinated biphenyl ballasts. Because these items are products, they have not traditionally been recognized for their hazards and have typically been thrown in the trash. These wastes contain hazardous constituents and would fail hazardous waste criteria if they were tested. For example most of these wastes contain heavy metals. These wastes when broken such as in a dumpster or landfill, or when incinerated, release the metals to the environment through either fugitive emissions or from incinerator stacks.

Maine Universal Waste Rules
Excerpts from the Hazardous Waste Management Rules pertaining to Universal Waste
(15 Pages - Last updated 1/7/03.  In adobe Acrobat(pdf format).

Vermont Universal Waste Rules
Excerpts from the Universal Waste Management Standards pertaining to Universal Waste
(20 Pages - Last updated 1/7/03.  In adobe Acrobat(pdf format).

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